The Kilted Griller, is Wade’s very first food truck. Wade’s “No Bull” attitude towards high quality low cost food is where this all started. Wade and family have catered events all over Central PA. Whether it be at carnivals, fairs, car shows, house parties; Wade has been there with the a high quality low cost food option (and probably wearing a kilt).  Wade believes it’s important not to leave his roots, and wants to continue catering events at an affordable price.

If you’re interested in having an event or party catered by Wade, but need to keep cost in mind, the Kilted Griller is the right option for you. Click on Kilted Griller Menus to see our latest offerings.

SOME of the things we DO

Weddings– Want a “No Bull” Kilted Griller experience? We will set up a table and serve right out of the food truck!

Family Reunions-While you may dread your family, you won’t dread the food!

Holiday Parties-Put on that ugly Christmas Sweater?

Work Parties-While your co-workers jokes may be old, our food won’t be.

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