In 1931, Francis Edgar Sitler laid the foundations for a small grocery store in Craley Pennsylvania. Sitler’s opened its doors to the public in 1931. Selling items such as stove pipes, horse feed, and groceries, this small store catered to the needs of the small community that lay around it. In 1973, Barry Sitler, son of Edgar, became the new owner of the store, changing the name to – Barry’s Country Food Market.

With time, Barry’s son, “Wade”- has come into the business. Through the years, Barry’s began catering more and more for local businesses in the area. The catering business alone had become the fastest growing part of the business.  In 2017, Barry’s Country Food Market decided to close their doors, and sole focus on catering alone. Wade Sitler and his wife Cathy, currently run the catering business using farm fresh, and local ingredients in the area.  Wade is the chef, and Cathy is the coordinator.

His business currently has two fronts, his food truck, “the Kilted Griller” which will add flare and greatly priced quality food options to any event, and his high end catering front “Sitler’s Catering” which will provide customers the most memorable wedding experience.

img_89541.jpegWade has catered from corporate events, small weddings, large weddings, food shows, town halls, to some of the finest parties all across central Pennsylvania. Wade has learned his culinary skills through countless hours in the kitchen from 21 years old.  He’s spent over 30 years in the industry, and we are confident he is one of the top caterers in the area.

Not only are his prices reasonable, but his ability to adapt to the environment provided makes him extremely sought after.  Talk to Wade today, and we promise you’ll be drawn to his charisma, hard work, and dedication to providing you the best event possible.

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